I Vlogged At Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

I did it, FINALLY! I actually vlogged! If you don’t know what a vlog is, it stands for video blog, and you basically talk to yourself through a camera and record your day. It was so much fun going to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, with my family, and getting to record it all! I will vlog today as well and record my Thanksgiving. I am sorry for the lack of Sunday posts, but I hope you like my vlogs and have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! Luv you!!!

Vlog is called:

Sky Zone With Family!!!!! Vlog #1



The Truth About Bullying and Cyberbullying…

So, bring on the hate as you would like, but personally, my unpopular opinion about cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is a First World Problem.


Now while there are horrible people all over the internet with the intention of bringing others down, I really think bullying is worse. Why are people so focused on things like #stopthebullies and teaching that cyberbullying is horrible when the real focus should be in person bullying. Think about this in the eyes of somebody being bullied: There is a law that forces you to go to school, the place where people are ready to push you around and spread rumors and make you so angry and depressed that most of the time you just want to end it all. Now, think about this in the eyes of somebody being cyberbullied: There is this thing called the internet, and you can go on it anytime you’d like, see whatever you want to see, delete your account, get a new one, block people, make your account private, and share your thoughts. But, people are commenting mean things, spreading rumors, posting bad pictures, and hacking my account. Too bad I can’t screenshot it and show the police. Oh, well.

Being taught to not to bully should be taught, but let’s focus on teaching how to deal with being bullied. Because do you know how hard it is to have to watch a video once a month about how bullying is so bad and just sitting there thinking, “Yes, those people are horrible, now what do I do? Tell them that?”

Just a little FYI to the schools and hashtags: Posters, letters, hashtags, pictures, thumbs ups, likes, and worksheets are not doing anything. It kills me to say it, but bullying isn’t going anywhere. Let’s teach kids that while they’ve still got a brain to grow. If you or a loved one are being bullied, the best advice I can give is to make a joke out of it.

I know this famous Asian YouTuber who shared his bullying story, and he said when they made fun of him for being Asian he simply squinted his eyes and made a joke out of it. I also saw somewhere you could keep a potato in your pocket and throw it at the bullies, but whatever works. Just make sure to be super careful YOU don’t become the bully, or there could be twice as much drama.

I, personally, haven’t been bullied to the point where it gets bad, and frankly I’ve barely been bullied, but I am starting middle school next year, and I’m not super excited. I hope this post helped you understand people getting bullied, our wacked-up school systems, and if you are being bullied, helped you cope with it. You can also see My Unpopular Opinion: Cyberbullying by Nigahiga on YouTube. He shares his story and thinks like me about this topic. If you made it all the way down here on this post congrats, you’re awesome.


5 Things Every Girl Needs

Hey peoples and welcome to the things I can’t live without. Everybody knows people can’t live without  their phones and stuff, but I live with only the best possessions.

  1. Good Sweatpants

No joke, wearing some right now. Mine are black and have deep side pockets with a tie around the waist, but every single girl, or, really, every being on this earth just needs some nice, comfy sweatpants to slip into when there’s no one left to impress.

2.  A Candy Stash

Whether in drawer, a box, or a bag, every girl needs a nice stash of candy.  Good for fun, for when your own that time of the month, or when you need a last-minute gift idea.

3.  A Tapestry

I know some may not have enough room on their walls or don’t feel like tapestries are cool, but there are such wide selections of different sizes and colors and pictures that that may not be the case. Tapestries are so pretty and relaxing, and just looking at it often makes me happy. Also, if you can’t get one, you can always use a blanket or a cool towel.

4.  A Go-To Hairstyle

My go-to hairstyle is a ponytail or a bun, and every girl needs one. Whether your go-to is a pony or a bun or braids we all know those days where our hair is being really disrespectful and it’s good to have a go-to in those situations.

Did you like this??  I think every girl needs these things and hopefully you can get these things and realize you need them, too. Make sure to comment and like and I will see you later. Bye!

Happy Sunday!

Hey guys! Today is Sunday, and I’ve got a pretty good idea of my future posts, so make sure to be on standby! For now I’m thinking of doing a little talking. I’m going to talk about little treasures. Many people who have had loved ones die have a little bracelet or necklace or charm of some sort to remember them by. As you guys know, sometimes I can get really depressed and lonely, and as you also know, I went to a friends’ birthday party yesterday. She gave us goodie bags and inside it held a bracelet. Mine is green and has little owls.  I now wear it all the time. Whenever I feel lonely or helpless or just in need of a friend, I can look at my bracelet and remember everything is going to be okay. I really encourage you to do so if you have depression or often struggle as well, because everybody at least has one little treasure, whether it’s a person, place, or thing. I hope you have a great Sunday and I’ll write later. Bye!

Birthday Party!!!

Omg!!!!!!!!! My friend Clara’s birthday party was LIT! First, we made slime. Mine is brown and I call it “Poop” slime. It’s supposed to be butter, but It’s mostly fluffy. Then, we did what any normal preteen does during a party–jump outside on the bounce house. Yes, we literally ordered a bounce house for a birthday party for a girl turning 11. We’re 5 at heart and proud. This is so good that we could have this bonding experience because I feel often so lonely and friendless, and I really think this brought us together. Today was totally worth all the stress of missing my sisters’ cheer competition and getting yelled at for no present. The only thing is, I didn’t bring my phone so I got no pictures or videos, but some friends did, so that’s good. I hope you guys had a great day, too! I love each and every one of you, take it easy and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

“My Worst Fear”

My very first skit! I think it’s pretty funny for a first skit, but I think I might turn into a comedy blog. I do love comedy. I will probably vlog today too, because it’s my friend’s bday party. See the skit on YouTube called My Worst Fear I Kailyn Beath

I used the mark of a straight line in the video, but cannot access that on my laptop so I used an I, but it’s really a straight line.

Favorite #5: Favorite New Trends

  1. Slime      I’m only interested in the super satisfying, super buttery, and super stretchy slimes.
  2. Glitter…everything      From glitter tongue to glitter booty to glitter hair, 2017 is the ruler of glitter. I really want to try glitter hair though!!!
  3. Highlight…everything     People have started highlighting their faces to a point where they just look like a golden Easter egg, and it’s HILARIOUS.
  4. Rose Gold      Rose gold is so beautiful, and I know this isn’t a very new trend, but it’s honestly so pretty I need more.
  5. Marble    Marble is a popular new aesthetic currently, and I want it. Marble is so clean and sophisticated and gorgeous!

Favorite #4: Favorite Books

  1. Harry Potter        Best read to escape reality. Suspense, drama, love, dragons, and much magic. Join the fandom!!!
  2. About Average     By Andrew Clements, so you know it’s gotta be good. I love books about people with such amazing adventures and crazy lives, but I wished there was a book about a girl just like us–average. This was just the book. It tells of how the life of being ordinary can still include bullies, love, and relatable times.
  3. A Dog’s Puprose     It’s about a dog that has lived over and over again, and it’s just really good and funny. Also, the movie is hilarious and sad, definitely a recommended duo.
  4. Dork Diaries    Funny, relatable, cute, and 100% dork.